Livrea M

Livrea Movement is an Italian luxury brand oriented towards eco-sustainability. It was born from the entrepreneurial idea of two young guys, Federico Pinizzotto and Massimo Facchini, who with their creations intend to change the classic concept of fashion, placing sustainability – certainly environmental but also social – at the center of attention.

We aim for a customized high quality product, as well as completely Made in Italy, eliminating the redundancies deriving from fashion by creating reduced collections, but with a refined design. “Italian craftsmanship in first place” is the life motive of the designer Massimo Facchini, who is re-proposed and embodied in the beauty of his artifacts made using certified, innovative, organic and recycled materials deriving from the processing of pineapple and cactus. In times of great uncertainty, the fashion industry is looking for a new dimension; “It is necessary to evolve towards a more conscious, equitable and ethical concept of fashion, attentive to the product, which looks to the protection and safeguarding of the environment and workers. The lack of this culture is a short-sighted choice for those who want to be competitive nowadays, “explains the designer Facchini. We have clear objectives in terms of sustainability and with our collection we wanted to show that it is possible to create a product of the highest quality that combines ethics and aesthetics.