Luca Berioli

i’m Luca, and I was born in Italy in the 1982 from a in a family of artisans dedicated to the craftsmanship of clothing making.

I developed my skills and my sensibility across many words, founding my real inspirations…. 

At the end of my school and sportive races I decided to express my self trough the clothes and accessories in the luxury market and give to my products an artistic edge.

I’m the father of BLACK DIONISO project but now it’s time to revolution, all my experience are implanted on my new adventure called like me: LUCA BERIOLI…

I want to give to my admirers something new, special and personalized..

My new sneakers project recounts abut who I’am and where I’m going…  The sneakers are the future of the fit, I’m sure to raise the concept of shoes..

I want to create something passionate, with large emotional impact.. something fashion, comfortable, with top materials and Luxury details to pamper everyone wear it..

But is not enough… i want to see the smile and the proud on your face when you bought my items.. i Live for the emotion that the sharing give to me..

I’m painter, pattern makers, designer, scenographer… i’m putting all my being to show what is possible to create …

I’m riding the dream..
Luca Berioli

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